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Analyse risks and consequences, direct measures, and monitor resilience

Cyber incidents are increasing exponentially, lead to data loss and cost companies a lot of money. Business interruptions due to supply chain problems, staff shortages, application or infrastructure failures, damage your reputation and are very expensive. Regulatory changes that are not implemented correctly can mean a lot of trouble. Increased tax revenues, inflation fueled by crises, high energy costs and supply bottlenecks are consequences that simply have to be accepted. All these facts weigh on the resilience of a company.

Customisable dashboard with consolidated risks, measures and calculated resilience

Resilience Monitoring Solution


Resilience Monitor Overview


Overview of ongoing incident-related surveys (monitoring)

Your advantages with TopEase®

  • find the right risks and document them comprehensively in a workflow-controlled manner,
  • map the risks and record the consequences (collaboration management),
  • manage the risk governance,
  • allocate the risks to one or more hazards,
  • carry out a cause effect analyses and impact analysis,
  • quantify the damage potential,
  • assess the risks according to stability and continuity (matrix),
  • create measures and manage them based on workflows
  • calculate resilience [fragility and need for action],
  • consolidated assessments in real time,
  • use the results and findings from assessments to reduce risks.

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